The last summer lesson was taught today, June 28th. I was so excited to have 9 students to take the 4 week short term this summer. Most of the students took advantage of trying something completely different this summer. Some worked to complete the book level that were in pre-recital. I even added a trial student for the summer but unfortunately she will not continue this fall.

Those trying something new chose new music to work on from Beethoven, Mozart to Disney tunes, Stars Wars and Billy Joel. It was really fun working on some so different from our usual repertoire and in working with these I helped students learn how to choose voices, save registrations, set sequences and perform their pieces using those registration sequences. AND they recorded them on the Clavinova. Today, after converting those MIDI files to Mp3 files, I emailed their recordings to them so they can listen to them and share what they learned how to do! It was fun!

I will review my current studio policy, calendar, and tuition fees and send out the new policy mid-late July.

I won’t be teaching at all in July but instead will be working on redecorating some rooms in my house, practicing piano and taking some lessons myself and playing lots of Pickleball! Early August I will have my Navy son and his wife home on leave and we will travel to Florida to vacation together with my daughter and her husband. School in Scott County starts August 18th and my first day of teaching at Georgetown College is August 24th so I plan to begin teaching the 2021-2022 year most likely the week of August 30th.