Welcome to Nina Belle’s Music Academy!

My name is Nina Belle Durr and I have been teaching piano as an independent music teacher in my home studio for over 30 years.  A dream of mine has always been to open a music academy where I can teach more students and especially offer group lessons as well as other kinds of music lessons.

Nina Belle Durr, NCTM

2011 is the year for new beginnings!  While attending the KETS 10 (Keyboard Ensemble and Technology Seminar) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I made the decision to seriously pursue this new venture.  Upon my return I immediately began looking for property and decided to lease space, re-name my business, join the local chamber of commerce and start building on my dream.

My new business is called “Nina Belle’s Music Academy”  (has a nice “ring” to it, doesn’t it!)  It is located on the corner of East Main Street and South Broadway in Georgetown, Kentucky.  I taught my first lesson in the new location on July 26, 2011 and I am currently working on signage, marketing, advertising, and setting up the space.  Currently I have 11 pianos/keyboards and am purchasing 4 more.

I will be offering piano lessons for individuals, piano lessons for small groups (maximum size-4), and general music classes for home school students (class size range 4-10).  In addition I will offering online computer theory lessons provided by musiclearningcommunity.com and ensemble classes.  As the academy grows, I may offer lessons in other instruments.

Come check out Nina Belle’s Music Academy!


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