Festival of the Horse

I am hoping to have a “float” for the Festival of the Horse Colt and Filly Parade.  It will be on Friday, September 30th and the parade is scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm.  You will need to come to Military St. to line up at around 6 pm.  I’ll have our truck decorated and there will be keyboards inside.  Perhaps we can learn to play one song together or at least everyone play one song of their own choosing as we move down the street. The parade goes rain or shine, but if it is rain, the keyboards won’t go…let’s hope for shine!  I will need some adults to walk beside the truck for safety and I’ll have flyers to pass out along the parade route.  We may even throw out candy!

I’ll talk to you more about it next week!!!


“10 seconds of Fame!”

Today, several of my students and their parents came to my studio to help make a TV commercial for the academy.

Rachel, Kayla, Tyler, Zach, and Elizabeth and their parents….thanks!  I was a bit flustered since the camera crew arrived 30 minutes before I was expecting him, but all went well.

I believe the commercials will run the week of the festival of the horse, but I don’t know exactly what times.  They will be on WKYT-TV.  I’ll try to find out the info before they air so you can set your recorders!

Thanks for coming by!