COVID precautions

During the Pandemic many precautions were made to allow for in-person teaching and learning. The “strike-through” passages are ones no longer required. However the main way to stay healthy is to not come when you are sick (we can have face time or zoom) and to wash and/or sanitize hands when you come into the studio. I’m excited that we are in this new phase and am so glad that for the most part, we were able to have piano lessons in person for most of the students for most of the 2020-2021 and look forward to 2021-2022.

  • All persons entering the studio must wear a mask.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry to the studio-use it.
  • Piano keys will be sanitized between students.
  • No visitors will be allowed to come in the studio.
  • Only one parent may remain in the studio waiting area. I will do my best to finish a lesson a couple of minutes before the end time, to allow the new parent/student to enter.
  • EXCEPTION: families with multiple children taking lessons-their students may come together and wait in the waiting area. They should bring something with them to do to keep quiet or go to one of the pianos and practice with headphones until it is their turn. Please remember to sanitize your hands, leave the piano uncovered so I will remember to sanitize the keys afterwards.
  • Students should use sanitizer again after their lesson or anytime they must remove their mask to drink or for a sneeze/cough, or go to the restroom.
  • If a student feels ill, especially with a possible fever, please don’t bring them to the lesson. I will arrange a zoom lesson. (If you know early in the day they are not well, but they still feel like having their lesson, contact me asap so I can be prepared to call you on zoom.
  • On ensemble days, the most in a group will be 5. Parents should not wait in the waiting area those days. Just drop off your child and be ready to pick him/her up at the end of class. If you would like, he/she can call you as soon as the lesson if over so that no one is waiting.
  • On ensemble days, students will be spaced appropriately and will have plastic barriers between the pianos. No one will sit at the same piano. We will probably do most of our lesson sitting at the pianos–even with games, but if we do any “off the bench” activities, we will remain distanced. Again, sanitizer for hands, masks worn, and I will sanitize the keys between classes.
  • Recitals: this is still an ongoing process. I want to have our recitals as scheduled, but the usual location is not allowing the use of the building right now. Hopefully I will find a location, but if we have to, we will do another virtual recital. I know how to do it now, and if all goes well, I can video them playing their pieces and put it together for everyone and we can watch the video together at the same time on zoom. (This is what I had hoped to do in the spring, but my learning curve about uploading was as good then.)
  • If the situation gets to the point that online classes for all is necessary, I will work with you to help us get that going again.