1st Ensemble Week of 2020-2021!

September 8th and 10th were the first  ensemble classes for students at Nina Belle’s  Music Academy in the new academic year.  Our first time together since COVID came for its unwelcome visit will make things a bit different.    I have installed plastic dividers between the larger pianos in the front room where we will most likely do all of our classes.  In the case that we use the smaller keyboards in the back room, they have been spaced apart and no one will have to share a keyboard.

Our first class will be a get to know each other again class and each will share a solo they worked on at last week’s lesson.  We will also talk about our composer of the month- J.S. Bach and listen to some of his music.  I will be assigning ensemble music and festival solos within the next couple of weeks.

See you later this week!

As a reminder:  Ensemble classes this year are scheduled for the following weeks

September 8,10; November 3,5; January 19, 21; February 23,25; April 27, 29

TUESDAYS Group 3- 6:30-7:15  (High School Students)

THURSDAYS Group 1- 4:30-5:15 (Early Elementary Students )

THURSDAYS  Group 2- 5:30-6:15  (Late Elementary/Middle School Students)  







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