Nina Belle’s Music Academy will have a summer session of 6 weeks from June 7- July 20. Currently I have scheduled students on Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons. If you are interested in trying out lessons, this would be a good time for you. Check my studio policy for 2021-2022 for basic information. I will be updating my info soon and when that is available I will include it on the website. Tuition fees for the 2022 summer session which is for six 45-minutes lessons is $270. I will waive the annual registration fee for summer students. In addition you will be required to purchase the necessary materials (lesson books, etc.) and you will need to have an instrument on which you can practice between lessons. Contact me by email: or you can register on my website and be sure you state in the comments of the registration form that you are interested in the summer session.

Thanks so much!